Mobile CCTV installation & systems

Mobile CCTV installation & servicesVehicle CCTV cameras

The expolicecar CCTV team have the knowledge and experience to meet all of your CCTV requirements, across the whole of the UK. We provide the full range of vehicle CCTV services.

  • Live CCTV image transfer from your vehicle using the 3G mobile network.
  • CCTV streaming video recorded to the vehicles hard drive; remotely viewable from any internet connection or your mobile phone!
  • Covert vehicle CCTV cameras; very small and discreet.
  • Vehicle CCTV equipment hire; short or long term.
  • Vehicle CCTV installations from single camera CCTV systems to complex multi-camera CCTV systems.
Mobile CCTV installation & systems Mobile CCTV installation & systems
Mobile CCTV fitted by - multiple CCTV cameras with sun visor monitor

Nationwide installation service

Vehicle CCTV DVRs
Vehicle CCTV DVRs
  • Nationwide installation service.
  • Minimum disturbance to your business; we can use unmarked cars, nobody will know what we are installing or where the kit is sited.
  • Installations at our base in West Yorkshire; after hours and weekends.
  • No damage vehicle installations.

For all your vehicle CCTV needs

  • Live incident management.
  • Worker management.
  • Anti-vandalism.
  • Driver awareness.
  • Bait cars.
  • Surveillance cars.
  • Driving instructor systems.
  • Bus, public transport, taxi, hackney carriage, limo CCTV systems.
  • Vehicle reversing cameras.
  • Lone worker and night worker protection, including panic button.
  • Accident fault; lower your excess!
  • Driver training and driver monitoring.
  • Motor sport CCTV - temporary or permanent installation.
  • Camper van reversing camera systems fitted anywhere in the uk FROM £500.

Configured to your requirements

  • Unmarked and tamper proof CCTV units.
  • Vandal proof cameras.
  • Secure steel boxes for DVR.
  • Back-up battery systems.
  • Auto-record when the vehicle starts, delayed switch off after the vehicle stops, or configurable daily on/off times.
  • Integration with vehicle electronics (actual speed, direction indicator status, engine temperature, etc).
  • Images and videos are time stamped for evidence purposes.
  • GPS positioning gives pinpoint location of the vehicle at any one time.
  • Audio transmission.

Quick price guide

2x 420 TVL Metal cased colour board cameras
1 x 7" Monitor
250 GB DVR Inc shock protection/lockable HD
UK installation
Total price fitted for £1000

250GB DVR unit with live monitoring & GPS tracking from £1450
Additional cameras £70

Taxi/Hackney carriage CCTV systems installed at your premises or home from £400. Single camera connected to a SD video recorder mounted in the glovebox, records via motion detection technology direct to the SD card which can then be removed from the vehicle and played back on your PC as well as via the screen on the unit. Prices installed include VAT.

All our CCTV systems will record onto a digital recorder - hard drives can be fitted in the glove box or hidden away in a fitted lockable box, detachable hard drives can be used, as well as the option to burn to CD/DVD, or download straight to a USB memory stick or VCR. Live CCTV monitors can be fitted into the sun visor, head-lining of the vehicle or the rear view mirror. CCTV cameras can be covertly mounted - the size of the cameras is so small these days they can be fitted to the vehicle windscreen without obstructing the drivers view.

Our CCTV systems are fully demonstrated to you upon delivery and a 24hr telephone support line is provided should there be a problem.

Contact us for more information and a free quotation.